Will Malaysia have a new PM in mid-2010?

Its just no hope for Najib ever becoming a PM. Mahathir too wanted Anwar to take over..and see what he did to get rid of him. Najib has already piled up enough shit against himself. Would it be so difficult to get rid of him?

The question begs, when is the best timing to get rid of Najib then?

I would imagine he should expect Badawi's shit to fall on him from about a year from now. That way, coming close to the end of the next two years, Badawi can dust off the same Mahathir speech of 10 years ago and give it a new twist as to why he has to stay on another x number of years...Yes to save us all. What sacrifice!!!

I reckon by the time the next GE will be upon us and this time you can bet a Khairy led BN will attempt to get back its 2/3rds come what may and the credit will be given to Khairy.

So, I guess, my bet is on Khairy becoming the next PM.

This also means that Badawi stays on well after the next UMNO General Assembly. And I have just lost two bottles of wine. Can the claimants to the wine call me?

Of course all this, on the basis that Anwar's attempts at seizing the government fails.

Just one cheeky suggestion to Razaleigh and Muhiddin. Maybe you guys ought to opt out of UMNO and BN and join PR. Bring along a few of your mates from BN and dump this UMNO led government. I need to win my bet la!!

Khairy, wanna confirm this one?
Don't be shy lah .. BTW, are you born in the USA (just like Bruce Springsteen)?

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