Pak Lah, the brave one?

Here is the joke today ...

Takeda Shingen wrote to Malaysiakini: Pak Lah, the brave one ... in spite of whatever faults we may think Pak Lah has, we owe a lot of our freedoms today to him.

This I agree somewhat but ...

After all, he allowed for the royal commission into the Lingam Tape scandal (do you think this would have been allowed in the Mahathir era?).

Ha, ha, ha ... Hullo, please spare me some stomach ache lah.

Tell us, why wouldn't any politician do that? Why would a politician refuse the opportunity to say 'Hey, I've got your Balls!" to their detractors, enemies or those right in your own camp?

It appears to me Pak Lah has got most of his enemies' balls ... He got Mahathir's balls (I imagine Mahathir would have sodomized him if not because of this Lingamgate and some other bullshits), he got Najib's balls (why do you think Najib is so very obedient? [keyword: C4] ), he got virtually everyone's else balls in the BN (ACA's raid on SAPP's office refers), he most probably also got one or half of Anwar's balls (no further comment on Anwar because he is one of the Rakyat's blue-eyed boys right now ... Remember, I am biasedly a Rakyat Kaki). And as such, there is no question he got most if not all the balls he ever needed to stay afloat for now ... This is the akibat when the administrator of the country is made up of thieves and robbers lah.

The only way Pak Lah can show us he is sincere (forget about the word 'brave') about the Lingamgate bullshit is to finish it off by a real prosecution and make sure the perpetrators pays for their crime, this is after all quite possibly one of their mildest sins ... they have a zillion more despicable crime to their credit.

If he decided to rule with an iron fist like Dr Mahathir Mohamad do you think Anwar Ibrahim would have been freed?

Why not? Freeing Anwar is a plus to his credibility except he failed to capitalize on that, I think.

Let's not forget the relative mindless ‘bliss’ we (the majority) went through the Mahathir years because of the control on information that was in place.

Really, this one is indeed very debatable.

There are times I used to wonder whether he did the right thing ie. could things be a lot better for him had he ruled with an equally steely fist like Mahathir? I imagine yes and unless I am confident of taming all the wolves, dogs, snakes, spiders and what have you within BN (guess it's not that hard to do that when you rule with an iron fist ... chances are I would have done just that (iron fist) if I were him because what is the point of trying to smell clean and look liberal when you can't or you are not?

However, this is no longer an option now. Not only no longer an option for him, it's actually no longer an option for all the future leaders of Malaysia because the Rakyat have woken up and the worse thing is .. they have tasted honey! You just can't tell them honey is bitter without having disastrous consequences anymore.

I believe someone is very likely to die with his eyes wide open as a result of Pak Lah neither-here-nor-there type of liberalization and for the same reason, anyone who attempts to do the opposite will quite certainly die with both his eyes and jaw wide open eventually!

Look deep enough into the affairs of any politician and you can find something wrong. Anwar, for example, who PKR have practically deified, was part of the same group we scorn today as the fathers of corruption in this country.

The difference between Anwar and the rest of the devils is Anwar has been vindicated. He spent 6 years behind bars ... Chinaman says a repented wrongdoer is good as gold.

So is he really for the people or for revenge because he was ousted?

Why should we even care whether it's white cat or a black cat? As long as it can catch mice, it's then a good cat. After all, we don't have many choices right now, do we?

My personal opinion here is that if Anwar was genuine about change, he should be grooming a new set of leaders for the country instead of trying to become prime minister.

This is weird. I suggest you listen to one of the not so famous oldies ... something like 'Everybody wants to rule to world' by Annie Lennox first. Trust Annie will mange to tell you why Anwar wants to be the King.

He has too many skeletons in his closet. After all, one can accept the advice of a reformed criminal but one still won't give him the keys to the safe.

Are you saying we should bang on the criminals instead of the reformed criminals? Your logic is indeed world class. What are you doing in Malaysia, man? Go to MIT or Caltech ...

Pak Lah may be many things but part of the old Umno that we blame our current ails on today, he isn't. He has loosened his grip on the country and like the first man into the breach, he has drawn all the fire (and this may well kill his political career).

Okay lah. I confess to you lah ... I still love him lah, so ask him to make up his mind lah. Either die as a real Bapak, die with his eyes open or worse, die with both his eyes and jaw also wide open. Now that his has got everyone's balls (at least those in BN), so, he got choice lah. No one is forcing him, the choice is his lah. So, no more excuse lah.

NB: Takeda Shingena, honestly, I think your bodeking skills need some polishing (I say this in good faith).

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