sodomee...the most failed product!!!

by Mutia Sabihah

( an interesting local news from

Kuala Lumpur - A local instant-noodle manufacturer has denied claims it is re-introducing a failed product to capitalise on a topical but controversial issue. A spokeswoman for Sodomee™ said: "It is just a coincidence. We are revitalizing some of the products and Sodomee™ happens to be one of them".

Sodomee"We however, will not deny that we hope to get free advertising on the airwaves again. Many of our pretty newscasters mispronounced the OTHER word as So-doh-me, thus giving us free mileage previously".

See/hear Merriam-Webster Dictionary for correct pronunciation of the Other Word and also Sex-Lexis for slang definition of sodomee.

Asked if the product will stick this time, she explained: "The original recipe is being updated. Although some of the old staff are still around, we have a new chef heading product development this time".

Sodomee™ was introduced to the Malaysian public in 1999 and was withdrawn from the market in 2004. It is widely regarded as the most famous failed product and is the subject of studies at universities worldwide.

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